I am an ex-Singapore Central Banker, ex-Singapore investment banker, ex-Singapore Permanent Resident, almost ex-Singaporean. Almost, for I am and will always be a truly Malaysian. I am verily Bersih, with residual and traces of tear-gas. I was a Bersih GE13 Observer and a Polling Agent cum Counting Agent. I am pro-Rakyat and at the moment fervently Pro-Pakatan Rakyat. I am for Freedom, Justice and Equality for all Malaysians regardless of race, language, religion or status. I am against corruption, racism and bigotry.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Ong,

    I would like to just say I enjoyed your excellent write-ups on life in Raffles Hall from 82-84 immensely. I saw myself, my brother, his then girlfriend and now wife, and other friends in the annual picture you posted. I was in Raffles from 81-84. We might not have known each other that well when we were students then, but we have a special bond as Rafflesians. I have already sent your blog URL to those I am contact with, and hopefully this will be passed around. A BIG thanks to you for this. Richard Ng, JCRC 82.

    • Hi Richard
      You are most welcome and thank you for your affirmation of my rather puerile effort to pen down all those fun time at RH. Many say it is a sign of old age. Oh yes, I remember you, serious, quiet and sagely senior, while Andrew a little bit more vociferous. An yes, bonds forged at RH are for life.

  2. Your history of SP (Granpa’s Tale) was most welcoming. Brought back memories of growing in in an carefree life in Glugor Estate. That picture of your class 1970 is a treasure. I may have been a year older.

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