What Else Do The Chinese Want?

My paternal grandfather was born in 1903 in Fuzhou, China. He migrated to Air Itam, Straits Settlement Penang in 1918 and then to Sungai Petani, Unfederated State of Kedah, in 1925. He renounced his Chinese citizenship in Sep 1949 and became a subject of the Ruler of Kedah together with his wife and children. My dad was born in 1938 in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Kedah is one of the eleven states of the Federation of Malaya which gained independence on 31 Aug 1957. Malaysia was formed on 16 Sep 1963 when the states of North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore joined the Federation. I was born in Sungai Petani, Kedah in July the same year. Ergo, I am truly a 3rd generation Kedahan, 2nd generation Malayan and 1st generation Malaysian, not a “pendatang” or “penumpang” but I savor pork, and most proud of my Chinese ancestry.

“What else do the Chinese, meaning me, want, meaning from you”, you shrieked like mad dogs. Oh, am I supposed to be cowed, terrified and tuck my tail between my trembling legs in silent submission? Let you in on a Chinese saying, “It is the quiet dog that kills” and you actually shrieked like a demented empty vessel. Anyway, in order for your question to be valid it must be premised on the fact that I must have prior appropriated or stolen something from you. Otherwise it is a mere rhetorical “shiok sendiri” threat.

Helicopter View of Bersih 4

Helicopter View of Bersih 4

What have I taken from you? Hmm, let me see. I scratched my head bald trying to recall what belonged to you that I have taken without recompense, paying for or earning them. For the life of me, pray tell what have I taken from you? I have neither interest nor appropriated any of those government crutches, quotas and handouts. You only know how to foam and bark like rabid dogs when you do not get handouts. I have worked hard all my life. You only know how to scream and rant epileptically like retarded morons when you do not have enough. You have only your own slothfulness to blame for your lack and failures. Have some dignity and stop bringing shame to your parents, your race and your religion.

Don’t shame your parents. Gravitate not towards those rogue shit stirrers who only spit out venom and deceits. Don’t disgrace your race. Support not their vile foolery for they are but malicious attention seeking fraudsters. Don’t insult your religion. Avoid them scoundrels as hell’s fire for there is where they are destined. Don’t dishonor yourself. Join not their villainous ranks for they have sold their souls to wickedness, violence, corruption and devilry. Well, rehabilitate them if you wish to the path of righteousness, peace, harmony and light, incarcerate them if you can’t, and don’t forget to throw away the keys.

Let me see. What have I stolen from you? I am not sure about you but such acts would shame my family. My ancestors would turn in their graves if any one of us becomes a thief. My conscience and my God forbid such acts of thievery. You may argue that you did not mean stealing in the literal sense but reason that you meant depriving. Fine, what have I deprived you off then?

I did not grovel for JPA scholarships. I read on Papa-Mama scholarship. I studied overseas. I did study in any of the local public tertiary institutions which are best mediocre but mostly sub standard. I did not work in the local civil service. I worked in the private sector again overseas. I built my career and earned my living on my own toils and sweats. I did not expect or wait for handouts. So how have I deprived you of public scholarships, civil employments or national handouts? I am not sure about you but ask any Chinese, he or she will tell you that we are taught to strive to excel in academic and career, live frugally and save our hard earned money for rainy days, be filial to our elders, be charitable to the less fortunate and always be loyal and pay our dues to the nation.

Have I bought anything from you without paying? Have I murdered any of you? Have I curtailed your freedom? Have I been unjust to you? Have I threatened you? Have I assaulted you? Have I demeaned your God? Have I taken any chief and key senior positions in the government, government linked companies, civil service, judiciary, police and military? Pray tell.

Aunty Bersih

Aunty Bersih

What happened to you to cause you to embrace the dark side? What caused you to be so violent and vicious? What happened to your humanity? Surely, your religion must have imbued into you peace, mercy and compassion. Why are you so jealous and envious? How did you become so obnoxious and hideous? Surely, your culture must have valued hard work, contentment and goodness. How did you become so dim and convoluted? How did you become so spiteful and malicious? Surely, your parents must have inculcated into you decency, compassion and humanity.

Why do you threaten people? Why do you bay for bloodshed? Are you really so blood thirsty or just covering up your cowardice? Why do you harp on your conjured heritage? Why do you insist on your imagined supremacy? Are you really so inadequate or just ashamed of your mixed ancestry? Why do you demand free aids? Why do you blame others for your lack? Are you really so useless or just addicted to quotas and handouts? Why do you persist to insult others? Why do you insist on respect not earned? Are you really so disrespectful or suffering from inferior complex? Why do you burn churches? Why do you keep on recycling the lame old communist & Chinese bogeymen? Why do you continue to wave the race, religion & ruler card? Are you really so fond of stirring shit or just lacking new ideas?

Let me ask. Who stole your reserve land? Who deprived you of your share in the nation’s wealth? Who took advantage of your sweats, toils and blood? Who caused your backwardness? Who failed you economically? It was your own leaders.

Who was behind the 1MDb debacle, NFC fiasco and various multi-billion ignominies? Who set you up for failures? Who failed to equip you with life skills? Who taught you to be at best mediocre? Who caused the decline and failure of the education system? Who brainwashed you into racism and bigotry? It was your own leaders who walk on the corridors of power.

Who have murdered Teoh Beng Hock, Sarbani and Altantuya? Who deprived you of your freedom? Who taught you to rob? Who trained you to accept bribes? Who soiled your dignity? Who corrupted you soul? It was your very own leaders, those who walk on the corridors of power together and your very own who occupy the top, senior and every level of the judiciary, civil service, police and army.

Ask any Chinese, he or she will be able to tell you that Chinese want just to live freely in peace and harmony, to be treated fairly and not to be blamed for your own inadequacy and inferiority. Learn to be fishermen and not just wait for fish, work hard and not wait for handouts lest you turn into a lazy beggar. Expect that fish you will surely morph into a useless parasite. Demand that fish as rights you will definitely mutate into a repulsive pariah. Stop begrudging your neighbor’s affluence. Stop demanding for government’s quotas and handouts. Stop being a dead weight to the nation. Start earning your own living. Be grateful and contented. Take pride in yourself, your career and your diverse culture and ancestry.



When I was young, I would retaliate. It is spare no quarters expect none, an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. F#@K your race based preferential policies and treatments! F#@K your religion based preferential policies and treatments! As I mature, I learn to forgive as retaliations would result in a blind and toothless world. I mean, if you choose to rot and regress that is your choice, your business. Now that I am older and wiser, I learn that you are only a handful among your people who are losers, and I should just ignore all your rant and raving for you are nothing but attention deprived imbeciles with damaged childhood. You seek attention and thrive on retaliations. Ignore you, you will wilt and wither away irrelevantly.

Finally, a word of advice, do not mistake a sleeping tiger for a sick cat and irritate it at your own peril. Our patient silence to your incessant provocations must not be mistaken for terrified cowardice, for we lack no courage to fight back, to defend ourselves when push comes to shove. In your legend, even a timid mouse deer fought back while we are descendants of Dragons. Remember, our hearts were forged, our ferocity steeled and our blood fired from over 5000 years of turmoil, warfare and bloodshed. Bear that in mind the next time you open your foul mouths, BODOH!


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