Bersih 4 Our Nation

The bell of BERSIH tolls again. The echo reverberates throughout the nation to muster Malaysians from all walks of life regardless of race, language or religion one more time. The clarion call to rally is scheduled for next weekend on 29/30th August 2015 at Dataran Merdeka on the eve of Merdeka Celebration. So come and be counted, let us stand united with one heart, one mind and one voice to declare aloud, “Enough is enough. We want clean & fair elections. We want an equitable, transparent & accountable Government.”

As expected DBKL, PDRM and powers-that-be reacted with the same old threats of violence, charades of shadows and merry go-round. Allegations of illegality, sedition and anarchy are being intimated and spun by the main stream media. Intimidations of arrests, incarcerations and assaults are threatened along with the usual circus shows of morons, minions and scoundrels, and attention seeking clowns. Sigh, they just never learn, plainly and verily BODOH.

Bersih 4 @ Dataran Merdeka 29/30th Aug 2015

Bersih 4 @ Dataran Merdeka 29/30th Aug 2015

So my fellow Malaysians, friends, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, mothers, fathers and all come, come everybody with our chest puffed up, our chins held high, our walks steadfast and our hearts united in the cause. Remember Altantuya. Remember Teoh Beng Hock. Remember Sarbani. Remember Lynas.  Remember the cow heads debacle. Remember the MetroTabernacle fire. Remember the Perak fiasco. Remember MH370. Forget not the blatant mal-apportionment in electoral boundaries or Gerrymandering. Forget not the rampant corruptions. Forget not the unbridled abuses of power. Forget not, remember and always remember…

Fret not. So what if BN and PAS are not mobilizing. The clarion call is not a politician’s call but a plea for all right minded, conscientious and peace loving Malaysians to join our hearts, our minds, our hands and our steps for a better Malaysia for our children and our children’s children.

So what if powers-that-be threaten to quash our rally. So what if they threaten to smash batons on our skulls and bodies. So what if they threaten to bombard gas canisters into our ranks. So what if they threaten to engulf us in tear gas. So what if they threaten to inundate us with water cannons. So what if they threaten to rain fists and boots upon us.

Fear not. Yes, they may inflict harm upon us bodily. Yes, they may incarcerate our bodies. Yes, they may ravage and even destroy our very bodies but they can never silence our voice. They can never weaken our resolve. They can never crush our pride. They can never destroy our soul. They can never alter our destiny. So put on your yellow Bersih T, heed the Bersih call, congregate at the rally point, walk to Dataran and stand together to be counted on Malaysia’s day of destiny. A gentle reminder, please remember to bring along water, towel and salt as remedy against sting and burn from tear gas.

We must, yes we must stand against these repressive and reprehensible acts of violence and brutality. We must, yes we must absorb any cowardly and shameful acts of brutality. We must, no we will, yes we will overcome we will prevail over such disgraceful and dishonorable terrors of tyranny so that the innermost conscience of our beloved nation will be aroused, awakened. Let us roar and send shivers down the spine of the spineless walk along the corridors of power that we the people hold the ultimate power, we elected you, entrusted you to govern our country benevolently and not to lord malevolently over us. It is Government of the people, by the people and for the people.

So arise my fellow countrymen for the time is nigh for our appointment with destiny at hand for our beloved Malaysia. Years from today, you do not need to lie but could answer truthfully that you were truly there to make the difference however small the contribution to make a proud stand for a better Malaysia when asked, for I am sure they would, by your grandchildren, nephews or nieces.

No more excuses. So see you there. Viva Malaysia! Viva Bersih! Viva Liberty!


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