Cendol @ Ji Ke

SP Cendol @ Jln Dewa a

A refreshing icy cool dessert “Cendol” a very popular local delight. The mere mention of the word Cendol would fire all piston at the salivary glands. Cendol is essentially pre-cooked pandan/vanilla fragrant flavored short rice noodles. It is complimented with red kidney beans and topped in a mountain of ice shavings then drenched in fresh creamy coconut milk and sweet palm sugar syrup. The taste of cold creamy sweet with a tad of saltiness dessert is just heavenly especially during hot days. For those who prefer the less sweet Cendol, just inform the vendor to go easy on the palm syrup. This stall opens daily weather permitting from 10am-2pm. Another equally good Cendol stall further down the street near the bus station operates from 1pm-5pm. Both operate like SP’s Cendol tag team.




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