Lor Mee @ Superstar

SP Lor Mee @ Superstar (former Uncle Tek Lee) a

Blanched yellow egg noodles (beehoon or mixed) topped with blanched pork slices and soy sauce stewed duck eggs (hard boiled & quartered) and drenched in thick starchy brownish 5-spice flavoured broth. Sprinkle some fried shallots before serving with plain chilli paste and chopped garlic/vinegar sauce. A common folk’s shark fin soup; cheap, good, delicious and definitely shark friendly fare. This is a must try for those who prefer the more subdued taste of the aromatic 5-spice powder. Current stall owner took over from Uncle Teik Lee, SP’s Lor Mee pioneer who has recently retired. Uncle Teik Lee started off at Tai Teong Coffeeshop when my dad was running the coffeeshop during the late 60’s.



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