Numbered Wanton Mee @ Ah Ngau Bakar Arang

SP Wantan Mee (Numbered) @  Ah Ngau Bakar Arang a

Blanched springy egg noodles, rinsed in cool water and drained, before tossing in dark soy sauce (and must include lard) and topping with char siew, pork or shrimp wanton, choy sum and pickled green chilli. For those sambal die-hards, you can request for it when ordering. Some attest that the noodles taste better without the dark soy sauce to enjoy the true & original delicate taste of the egg noodles. Northerners prefer their wantan mee tossed in light or dark soy sauce and not tomato sauce as in the South. Queue numbers mean just be prepared to wait 30-45 minutes. Surprisingly, I heard about this stall from a Singaporean friend when I mentioned in passing my hometown, “SP got damn solid Wantan Mee, the one with numbers”. Lol. 



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