A Terrible Accident by Joel Ong




The school bell finally rang. Students of CYK private school poured out like water rushing from a flood gate. They were shouting, screaming, and dashing for the school gate for it was summer and that meant that it was the last day of school.

As before, I walked toward the bicycle shed. I fetched my bicycle and cycled home. I was cycling nonchalantly on the bicycle lane when I suddenly heard a deafeningly loud honk in front of me at the petrol station. I slammed on my brakes.

I shot a glance toward the sound. There were already many pedestrians and onlookers gazing in the same direction. A black limousine almost as long as a van was honking at the oil tanker which abruptly appeared around that corner of the petrol station.

The limousine was screeching desperately to a stop to avoid crashing into the oil tanker. A plume of white smoke can be seen trailing the limousine. I smelled burnt rubber. The oil tanker was also desperately trying to evade the oncoming limousine.

As if in slow motion, the limousine collided into the oil tanker which instantaneously exploded, engulfing both vehicles and drivers in flame.

The flame was fast spreading toward the busy petrol station. Presently, many cars were filling up at the station. The station manager saw the danger and frantically dashed to press the emergency cut-off button. He was a second too late. There was a loud fiery explosion.

The whole station too was now an inferno, aflame with angry tongues of fire leaping for the sky.

Stunned drivers and workers were seen desperately running away from the flame and dodging for cover from the falling debris.

Their screams and shouts could be heard from miles away. Some were in flame like human torches crying for help before collapsing and dying terribly. Everyone around was too shocked to offer any help. I too was too petrified to help.

Just then sirens filled the air. Three fire trucks and an ambulance had finally arrived at the scene. About two dozen fire fighters jumped off from their trucks and went into immediate action. Some went heroically into the burning station and brought out injured while the others put out the fire.

Suddenly, there was another extremely loud explosion. The ground shook violently. I felt a searing pain on my left hand and fainted.

The next day I woke up in a bright room with a light shining on me. I thought I was in a dream. I pinched myself hard on my face with my right hand and…

“Ouch!” I shrieked.

My two brothers heard me and came to me. They told me what had happened. I wanted to get up but I can’t. My eldest brother muttered that I was badly hurt. I was still dazed by the painkiller.

The next morning, I woke up and was shocked to find that my left hand was missing, amputated from my elbow. My mother comforted me and from that moment I knew that I will be a crippled for life.

I knew that things will not be the same anymore after that terrible accident. I hope and pray that such accidents would never happen in my life and town ever, ever and ever again.


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