Merdeka Prayerwalk 2013@Sungai Petani


Prayerwalk 2013@SP


The lone shofar trumpeted the divine invite

The church bell echoed in resonating reply

The beacons lit beckoned into the twilight

Alas, we heeded in unity to urgent comply


In ones, twos and trickles soon torrentially marshalling

Rolling and meandering soon euphorically outpouring

Strolling and sauntering soon elatedly marching

Alas, our arrays were soon gloriously reverberating


Hoisting our banners we walked and prayed silently

Waving our flags we prayed and sang vociferously

Raising our hands we sang and walked attentively

Alas, we were mission passionate and unwaveringly


We gathered a thousand strong in jubilant anticipation.

We sang praise and worship in reverent adoration.

We prayer walked for our nation in triumphant exaltation.

Alas, we were drenched by night’s deluge inundation.



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