Operation Vespa




Unbeknownst, the occupying force had established a beachhead. They immediately set out to fortifying their position and living of the fats of the land. The defence perimeter was completed in no time. Foraging parties were sent out constantly to feed the growing force. Storage rooms and bunks were enlarged. They operated below the radar for so long.

The buzz of activities around the fortification could not go on unnoticed indefinitely. No sooner than expected, their buzz attracted attention which trailed back to their almost completed fortification. What an impregnable sight to behold. Further, they were armed to the teeth and were under strict orders to defend the fortification till the last man standing. Spare no quarters and expect none. There was a sense of invincibility in the air.

The clarion call to arms was sounded throughout the kingdom. An assault plan was immediately conceived to evict the occupying force. “Know your enemy, know yourself. A thousand battles, a thousand victories”, were the advice of a sage of long ago. No frontal assault with overwhelming force. The potential damage and casualties were unacceptable.

Guerrilla tactic of “hit and run” to soften and weaken the occupying force was wisely adopted. No shame. No heroic. Only total annihilation of the enemy mattered. Victory, yes only victory not at all cost but at minimal or no cost. The victory shall be celebrated to posterity.

Scaling ladders, incendiaries and brave men-of-war were assembled. Strike in the dead of night when attacks were least expected and when enemy was sound asleep. Strike hard like fire, retreat like the wind and disappear like ghost. Let not the enemy savour any kills. Strike and strike relentlessly until the enemy lived in fear of their own shadows, and lose their will to fight to even consider desertion an option. To stir up their primal urge to live even at the penalty of death upon discovery or capture.

When the remnants cowered behind the safety of their walls, strike hard with all weapons available and retreat as fast to let them to perish from injuries, fear and disease. One final assault when none could be mustered to defend. Take no prisoners and spare none, even the wounded. Consider it mercy to end their sufferings and misery.

Destroy their fortification. Leave their dead to the scavengers. Leave no traces of their defilement. Cleanse our land, our home. Make safe our home for our family. Lesser banded hornets be forewarned for such fate awaits all intruders.


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