Malaysian LOTR Foretold


I cannot support UMNO, MCA nor MIC for I subscribe not to the race based polity, and sensibly any other component parties under BN, unless BN shed such archaic polity. For want of a better alternative, I have no choice but to cast my lot with Pakatan Rakyat, the coalition of PKR, PAS and DAP.

PAS and  DAP have stayed true to their aspirations since their founding days whilst PKR, a creation of more recent past, essentially the coalescence of former BN “Ronins” around the much maligned former DPM. Pakatan Rakyat is for one people, one nation, one spirit and truly one Malaysia, the very hope and aspiration of all sensible Malaysians.

Some would articulate that PAS and DAP are untested and untainted because they have yet to walk on the corridors of power, yet to be seduced and yet to be corrupted by power. Very much like the Hobbitses of the Shire in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Would they end up as Smeagol who morphed into Golum or even Frodo the appointed Ring bearer who finally succumbed or Samwise the sidekick who stayed true? “I cannot carry the Ring but I can carry you,” muttered Samwise when it mattered.

Frodo is immortalised as the Ring bearer and hero who destroyed the Ring or will he be remembered for uttering, “The Ring is mine.” Who then is Samwise, Frodo’s faithful companion and cook? Without Samwise, Frodo would surely fail in his quest and end up like Gollum or worse in the belly of Shelob.  Samwise, the crucial companion destined for the footnotes of history. “Lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama”. Well, histories are written by victors, and people like heroes and heroes are immortalised for posterity.

Needless to say, BN has bore the Ring for over half a century and already morphed into Gollum, is no and could never transform back into Smeagol.  PAS and DAP would be most apt to play the role of Samwise whilst PKR, yes PKR, is Frodo, destined by circumstances to bear the burden of the Ring albeit not a reluctant one though. PKR too would succumb to the Ring’s corruption at the brink of victory. “The Ring is mine,” will again be muttered as Frodo did at the precipice of Mount Doom. However, all is not lost. The trilogy climaxes with the Ring being destroyed by none other than Gollum in his final moments of ecstatic victory prance after appropriating the Ring through violence. Just a modern classic story re-told or Malaysian history foretold?


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